Hello World

Welcome to an entire website dedicated to none other than the illustrious and ILLtelligent, Christina Vickers and how she can serve you through blogging!

Okay, well maybe I’m not a star quite yet, but welcome to my website anyway.

I’ve actually attempted various mediums to convey myself to the world and establish an Internet presence.  For example:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. other blogs
  5. pbwikis (or “pbworks” as it is now called)
  6. an on-line journal
  7. etc.

But I think now I’ve finally settled on a medium, A BLOG, that will disseminate the knowledge I have gained via teaching in public, private, and charter schools in Washington, DC and New York City and by meeting and learning from accomplished folks from the education field and beyond.

I am also taking the notion of “personal branding” very seriously — that is taking charge of how I am portrayed in this global world.  In other words, if you google my name, Christina Vickers, I want you to know exactly who I am, how I am adding value to this world we live in, and also what pearls of wisdom I am pondering or dropping (sharing) on you.

So bear with me.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say!  I believe that this website will grow in many different directions, morph in all kinds of strange ways, but ultimately my goal is to add value to myself and others via this wonderful act of blogging.

I will also place other web and real (is the web real now?) resources pertinent to the education field on this site.

And lucky for you, I will also be video blogging and placing YouTube videos here to supplement my posts here.

In any case I’m off…until we meet again!


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