“They Call Me Mister Fry”

Well, “they” don’t call me Mr. Fry–“they” call me various configurations of my last name.

In any case, I came across information about a one-man show created by Jack Fry and based on his true and hilarious experiences as a first-year teacher.  The show, “They Call Me Mr. Fry,” has gotten some very good reviews, even though my research suggests he and his play are not extremely well-known beyond California, DC, and NYC.

Mr. Fry also has a website called, you guessed it, They Call Me Mister Fry.

Take a peak at the trailer below.  I especially enjoy the profound summary provided at 2:16.  She must be an English Teacher!

More detailed information about the play itself may be found on the DC Theater Scene website.

Leave a Comment Starter: If you have seen this show, what do you think of it? If not, what other movies, films, plays, speeches, comedians, etc. do you think appeal mostly to people in the education field?



  1. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for the post. I happened to come across the play in Indianapolis, saw your post in my research and went out to see They Call Me Mister Fry. It’s absolutely wonderful. Well acted, great story. It is playing here in Indy, going to DC to be performed for the Department of Education, then apparently going to NYC in November and December.

    Thank you for finding this wonderful nugget. Well done.



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