Happy Eating Day

Hallway Outside Ms. Vickers's Classroom
Hallway Outside Ms. Vickers's Classroom

Wow.  It’s been a long time since I created a new post.  But don’t think I forgot about you.

September 6 was the date of my last post, and school began on September 8 for teachers–go figure why I disappeared!

I have been adjusting to my new school in the Bronx extremely well.  I definitely prefer working at a public school as opposed to a charter school.  My charter school experience, which I will not risk dampening this Thanksgiving day to relive or recount, was a total nightmare and almost made me give up teaching forever.

Now that I’m back in an environment, with its flaws, and my flaws, notwithstanding, where I can thrive instead of wilt, I feel much more in control of my life and career in education.

I implore all of you to find a place to teach, work, and change lives where you can be happy and THANKFUL for where you work!

We must all work, so there is no sense–it is nonsense–to be unhappy, unhealthy, and stressed out five days a week.

Take care and enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!!


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