Merry Winter

It appears that I’ve been on hiatus.  But what’s hilarious is my last post was during the first week of school…in 2009!  A lot happened in 2009.  And 2010 for that matter!

But know that I never forgot this blog.  This blog is a project that I started in different forms, many times over.  And I’m sure it will continue to morph as I continue to grow as a teacher, leader, and entrepreneur.

I’ve been very busy since last I wrote.  You will notice a new website design, and that I’ve added some additional page tabs including My Students Work (notice the pun) and The Movie Klub.

Also, feel free to use the Contact tab to reach me at anytime.

With that being said, I can’t leave you without just giving you a little bit of my insight on something interesting.  So here we go.  Read the next post:  Move Your Money in the New Year.

Leave a Comment Starter:  Did you miss me?   LOL.


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