It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! May 1st-7th

Ummm.  Excuse you!  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.  APPRECIATE ME.  LOL.

Really.  Just show US some appreciation.

Here’s my testimony:

I enjoy being a teacher because I truly do make a difference.  Even when I’m not looking, I’m changing someone’s life.  I’m an imperfect human being trying to push kids towards perfection.

Short of putting a DONATE button on this post, visit these links to websites that can give you information about how to honor the teachers you know (while I try to figure out if I can put a DONATE button on this post):

  2. National PTA Every Child One Voice
  3. National Education Association

(I reposted the proclamation below found on NEA’s website.)

Great Teachers Make Great Public Schools

Many school districts and communities like to make National Teacher Day “official” by formally proclaiming the day, a week or more in advance. Here’s a sample proclamation.  Adapt as necessary for local use.


WHEREAS, teachers make public schools great; and

WHEREAS, teachers work to open students’ minds to ideas, knowledge and dreams; and

WHEREAS, teachers keep American democracy alive by laying the foundation for good citizenship; and

WHEREAS, teachers fill many roles, as listeners, explorers, role models, motivators and mentors; and

WHEREAS, teachers continue to influence us long after our school days are only memories;

Now, therefore, I, ____________________________________________,

serving as ____________________________________

of _______________________________,

Do hereby proclaim Tuesday, May 3, 2011, as

National Teacher Day

I urge that we observe this day by taking time to recognize and acknowledge the impact of teachers on our lives.

Signed this _______________ day of _________________________, 2011.


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