Sesame Street’s Bert, Ernie and Education

Can I ask your permission to be politically incorrect?


This latest Bert and Ernie fiasco (an old news story resurrected for who’s agenda?–oh that’s right!)  is another example of how there is a subliminal assault on the minds of young people.

Okay, gay people, my best friend is gay (I feel like a white person saying, “But I have black friends.”) and I love him to pieces, HOWEVER, have you set foot in schools lately?  Our kids are absolutely and unequivocally CONFUSED about their sexuality.

I taught one girl who had 15 girlfriends!!  I’ve seen boys squeezing other boys’ breasts as some sort of horseplay.  Please, please….the media needs to stop confusing our young kids by sending them confused messages.

Can you remember many years ago, perhaps you were a child then, when you first caught wind of Bert and Ernie possibly being gay?  Do you remember how that felt?  I remember being a little confused, but I was able to move on from it because the media wasn’t trying to stuff this queer relationship down my throat (no pun intended).

Some things need to remain sacred.  Let kids be who they are as a result of unadulterated growing pains.  Whoever they turn out to be, we love them anyway, right?

But don’t confuse them or encourage them to be who they are not simply because it’s cool or they don’t understand.

Anyway, Bert and Ernie are FRIENDS.  HA.

Also, parents, you need to start watching the shows your kids are watching….from the tiny tots to the teens, you will start to understand why they are behaving the way they are…


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