Beyonce: Teacher of the Year. Michelle Obama Dougies.


Quick!  Somebody give Beyoncé an honorary degree–wait–I mean an honorary High School Diploma.  (What?  You mean Beyoncé didn’t graduate from High School or get a GED?  Whaaat?  You mean that she was home-schooled by the invisible woman?)  See the poor child running “to the left” at 3:20.

Before I urge an onslaught of Beyoncé Stans suddenly bashing me on my lil’ ol’ educational blog, I do in fact agree profoundly that we, GIRLS, do in fact, RUN THE WORLD.  We do, in fact, RUN THIS MOTHA.  (laugh, men, laugh–it’s a joke.)

But let’s get serious for a moment.  When this video released, my brainwash antennae shot straight up in the air.  Beyoncé flash mobbing in a school?  Beyoncé encouraging kids to move their body on the tail end of the latest rap, latin, reggae, and R&B hits and dances?  Beyoncé waving an American Flag as she sings sultryly, “Wave the American Flaaaaag”?  What was up?

When I came across Tracy Rick Foster’s article, in which she describes that Beyoncé is rumored to have said that Michelle Obama indicated that she was a role model for her daughters, I decided to throw my own two cents in the bank.

#1:  On Role Models:  A role model is a role model whether we like it or not.  When it comes to young people, we can not take away who they admire.  Trying to take away a Beyoncé, a Rihanna, or a Nicki Minaj from young people is futile.  Do not underestimate the power of the media to have more influence and sway over young people than their parents and church combined.  What we can do, is have conversations with young people about reality.  Yes kids, gather around as we begin to talk about R-E-A-L-I-T-Y–Johnny?  Sit down Johnny.  Now reality is what’s happening, riiiiight now…  Through dialogue with young people, we can introduce them to the real role models the other 99% of us, who are not rich and famous, look to.

#2:  On Music/TV/Entertainment:  Today’s generation is unlike any other generation that has come before it.  I know, because I was born on the cusp of this shift.  As an 80’s baby, I grew up just as the ways of the old were replaced with the ways of the new.  90’s and 00’s babies are media slobs.  If we want education to keep up, we’ve got to keep up with Media, capital M.

#3:  On Reading, WRiting, and ARithmetic:  My friends over at Good Education report that Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have gotten kids dancing at 600 schools.  600.  Teachers, take a page out of Michelle Obama’s book (click the link above to see the video if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  You do want to see Michelle Obama dougie, right?).  Just imagine, if we began our classes with, “All of you love Beyoncé, right?  Me too!….”  Let the 3 R’s roll!

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  1. Loved it! Communication, communication… communication! You are so right that if you use kids liking for famous people to your advantage you are two steps ahead.


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