Expect the Unexpected and Give It a Hug When It Arrives.


You are the center of calm or chaos, depending on the decisions you make in the classroom and school.

You are a leader and a manager of people and students will always take their cues from you.

You are an actor, and you better act like you know what the heck you are doing and act like you are in control of your current situation.

You will not control a school or a decision a school makes, but you will be the buffer and filter for how much banana-split hits the fan in your classroom.

You will master, encourage, and inspire peace and tranquility within yourself.  Your job is your responsibility, but not your life.  You are a whole person, and your title of teacher does not represent your whole.  You have health, family, dreams, and interests to which you must attend.

You are your number one fan, so don’t forget to cheer yourself to victory!



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