Chaos vs. Flow: “10 Steps to Better Student Engagement”


No I’m not talking about two rap “beefs”.  I’ll leave that to 2 Chains or 2 Chain or 2 Chainz…whatever.

Tristan de Frondeville, in his article, “10 Steps to Student Engagement” wrote about how project-based learning strategies can improve your everyday classroom experience.

He also said, and I quote, “As a teacher, my goal was to go home at the end of each day with more energy than I had at the beginning of the day. Seriously.”

Well, as a new mom, going to school part-time, teaching-by-day, tutoring-by-evening, and being involved in my school, I couldn’t help but to continue reading.

His Top 10 are as follows:

1.  Create an Emotionally Safe Classroom

2.  Create an Intellectually Safe Classroom

3.  Cultivate Your Engagement Meter

4.  Create Appropriate Intermediate Steps

5.  Practice Journal or Blog Writing to Communicate with Students

6.  Create a Culture of Explanation Instead of a Culture of the Right Answer

7.  Teach Self-Awareness About Knowledge

8.  Use Questioning Strategies That Make All Students Think and Answer

9.  Practice Using the Design Process to Increase the Quality of Work

10.  Market Your Projects

OOOOOOOhhhhh – This is great.  My 4 top “Take-Aways” from his article:

A.  “The Muddiest Point and the Clearest Point: What was most confusing about the work you did today, and what new thing was the most clear?”


C.  You can ask students to put a finger up when they’re ready to answer, and once they all do, ask them to whisper the answer at the count of three. They can answer yes, no, or maybe with a thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or thumbs-sideways gesture. That also works for “I agree,” “I disagree,” or “I’m not sure.”

D.  The Partnership for 21st Century Skills




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