3 Wonderings You Have About the Shommon Shore err Common Core


3 Wonderings You Have About the Shommon Shore err Common Core

What a great article published on the New York Times The Opinion Pages, “The Common Core and the Common Good” in support of the Common Core by Charles M. Blow.

1.  At first, you certainly thought the Common Core was just some more mumbo jumbo for the education soup!  LOL.

But seriously, you think anything that seeks to unify standards across the board (the United States) has to be good right?  The sheer effort it took to have almost all states agree to them has to be applauded.

2.  However, you wonder if this solution is really the answer to the problem at all?  In other words, are the nation’s children lagging behind, as Charles so eloquently reminded us, because of some standards?

Ummm.  You don’t really think so.  Because you use the standards to teach, and really the language of the standards or what the standards are asking you to teach kids is really THE SAME THING AS BEFORE.  Really.

And if you are not a teacher…you don’t get it.  We’re still teaching the same concepts and skills as before.


3.  About that problem…can we consider the cultural differences and thus influences involved which cause other countries to surpass our nation’s “work ethics”?

What is the new-new motivation going to be for America’s children?  They certainly don’t lack intelligence, what a teacher will tell you is that they lack the motivation to pursue knowledge because the students don’t really “see” what the point of it is.

I could go on but,…aaah…another post another day.

By TeachTees!!


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