You have to read this first.

So I decided to pick up my virtual pen again.  That’s the announcement.

My latest ebook is “I’m a Principal’s Target, Now What” and I’ve already begun research for Version 2.0 as well begun the planning for an Educator Abuse Story ebook…I need your support to do so.  As the daughter of a hard-working nurse and construction-laborer, I know the value of hard work. In order to continue this work, I will need your support. If you can comment or re-share anything that I write or otherwise share your generosity, I am truly appreciative and will help you in return any way that I can.

7c951-teacherspayteachers_0 gofundme TES_resources_square_400x400

After taking care of my 3 year old, my greatest passion is my company This Teacher Speaks, LLC. We’re focused on helping schools and community-based organizations strategically develop their social media presence in ways of maximum impact.  This company was born out of the suffocating silence I felt that teachers like myself had to endure underneath the absolute, corrupt, and unethical power of those who we trust with the reigns of our career.  Right now I play an integral role in meaningful projects via my daughter company, #SocialPatois:  Shout-out to, #uftsolidarity, #kamanient, and #thelastpews!


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