Like Teacher Rubrics? Try Principal Ones

Like Teacher Rubrics?  Try Principal Ones


Thank you again RACE TO THE TOP for your madness and your baby the Common Core.  Which I called “bullshit” on as soon as it dropped, but who listens to me anyway.

It’s okay, really.  I’m always laughing last.

If you like rubrics, and Danielson warms your toes at night, there’s no need to be faithful.

There’s more out there:

But I do try to lay off Danielson.  Many people try to attack her as though it was her fault that her work became what it is today.  I was on a live Webinar call with her on which she explained her framework in depth, and you know, it’s not her fault they took her rubric and ran away with it.  She never intended for it to be attached to evaluations.  She actually came up with this tool for teachers to aspire to…or at least embody.  The pressure was really put on her to try to make her framework fit teacher evaluations because the Race to the Top hounds really had no systemic means or methods of implementing the government mandate, but they sure as hell wanted that $$$$$.

If you look at the framework now, it’s been chopped up and cut up so many times, it doesn’t even look human.


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