The Fish Rots From the Head

fish no head

I thought a lil’ saying would sum up everything nice and tidy.

But the question is:  But suppose the head’s been chopped off already?

HERE I AM pouring out my heart to Chancellor ‘Rina…and the chick couldn’t even throw an eyelash in my direction.  Over HERE Chancellor…you know the teacher you said you cared about?  Remember all that bull-shit you and your predecessors said  — and post-puppets will say — about “caring about teachers”??  I was in the room when you said that.  And I used to believe you!  Lol.

I don’t even take this madness personal anymore.  To me, it is very serious business, but at the same time it’s a contemporary Shakespearan comedy–er tragedy.

Have you READ “The Carmen Farina Nobody Knows” by Jesse Harris?  This article is the vetting Carmen Farina never got before her appointment as Schools Chancellor.

…and the cold Regents cheating and cover-up case that haunts her, the Department of Education, and the Special Commissioner of Investigation of the of the New York City School Districy

by Philip Nobile


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