I’d be lost without my library’s Back-to-School display

I thought the display was rather sad…belying the fake happy-dance teachers perform when they know September is coming.

I have just never been into all the fluff required for back-to-school proceedings. 

If you want to be a good teacher, then know that the work is hard, grueling, tiring, stressful…but who am I to take away anyone’s positive affirmations?

“I can’t wait for the school year to start!!!!:mrgreen:😁😁:mrgreen:😁:D😄😅😆

Just let’s be realistic and honest about it — how hard it is to really TEACH — and maybe the public will take us seriously.

I digress.  So I picked up this book at the library, sure to get me fired:


Imagine that. 

My teaching style includes respect for works-in-progress, self-evaluation, reflection….which does ultimately lead to “data” but not what big brother wants.

Hoping for the day we stop racing to the top and start INSPIRING learning.


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