If the Whistleblower blows the whistle, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

If the Whistleblower blows the whistle, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?



Fellow blogger, James Eterno, makes a lot of good points in this article (don’t worry, I’m not picking on you, I just randomly reflect on what interests me.)

My thought is that teachers definitely need to be politically awakened to the politics that involve their careers.  But the nature of the profession is that we are too busy feeling excited and lesson planning to really pay attention to what is really affecting teaching and learning.  Furthermore, too many teacher education programs reserve discussions regarding education politics and policy for those wanting to be administrators and policy makers.  So as a part of their training, teachers aren’t even taught to pay attention.

From the beginning, teachers seem to be purposefully left out of the discussion when, after students, their perceptions and choices are important. And sadly, only after being in the trenches or being stung by some part of the process do some teachers wake up and realize that they need to be extremely involved educational discourse.

Eterno’s article offers very frank discussion regarding these issues and even though I am a member of another caucus – uftsolidarity.org – I find that all the NYC caucuses offer interesting insight to this common problem.

The most salient points of the article, for me, included: 1. a focus on the integrity of statistics instead of improving the statistics, 2. a coming together of the UFT and CSA (despite the veeeeery steep divide created by certain principal leadership academies…and perhaps…salaries 3. the damned if you do and damned if you don’t approach to how Di Blasio has been received.

In terms of the NY Post, we already know the news media is biased left or right. It only makes sense that a paper that praised Bloomberk/Klien would maintain it’s bias when the other party is in power. The shift likely replicated itself across the news media.

The corruption is so embedded in the system that even the folks for whom the whistle is blowing don’t care. They have to be compelled to care (shame in the townsquare is no longer enough). They are obviously and forthrightly engaging in corrupt and deviant behaviors in a carefree manner.


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