Good Morning Class! Let’s Have a Morning Meeting!

Good Morning Class!  Let’s Have a Morning Meeting!


One of my favorite parts of teaching is relating to students.  Being able to visit schools and support students and teachers reminded me of how much I enjoy getting along with students.  I find that this is possible in calm and organized work environments and settings.  After teaching in dysfunctional settings for so long, I did not realize that I had become quite out-of-touch with this.

I enjoy the concept of the morning meeting.  It is a bit tricky to implement, however, when you have multiple classes that all start at different times throughout the day.  (Which is why I love block schedules.)  Some schools try to get around this with Homeroom periods, but let’s face it, if all students aren’t present, it sort of defeats the purpose.  Also, this usually fosters one class’s allegiance to one teacher, instead of all their teachers.

In one school I visited, every student in the grade would actually stand in the hallway at one time and say a pledge, together, as well as make announcements.  They would do this once a week on Thursdays.  I thought this was a nice way to get to the sense of school-wide community in the upper grade levels.



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