Your Foil Request Summer Christmas Wishlist


So you may have learned a lot about how to FOIL from Don’t Tread on Educators but have you ever wondered, what, exactly, does one FOIL?  (As an update to the info on the DTOE website, please be aware that by contacting Katherine Rodi by email or phone you will be forwarded back to the lovely OPI office email  The good news is, this office IS admitting to illegal “problem-codes” now instead of pretending that they don’t exist.

And don’t be mistaken, FOILing is not just for playing “gotcha” games with city agencies, there are practical reasons for FOILing records because sometimes what you need just isn’t readily available.

Anyway, visiting SIAC-DOE Records Archives will explain a bit about how NYCDOE maintains its archives.

ENJOY THIS GOODY – A retention list (also known as a subject list) of what the NYCDOE retains and FOR HOW LONG.  DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RETENTION SCHEDULE.  I suggest you read this list with a pen or highlighter.

Now as you email or pen a letter to the SIAC, you can have a better idea of what you need and what to ask for when you contact the NYCDOE’s Freedom of Information Law Unit.


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