Can the NYC DOE terminate my license to teach?

Can the NYC DOE terminate my license to teach?


NYC DOE can do a lot of trashy things, but they surely can not terminate your license to teach.  If you have done something egregious, I’m not talking to you.  But to teachers who have been doing their jobs all along, you are safe.

Your license was given to you by the New York State Department of Education.  So should you be in a precarious position with the NYC DOE right now, always remember, you are still free to teach in any non-DOE affiliated number of schools throughout the local area, the state, the country, and the world.

Now if you are or will be discontinued, you are able to work in any other district besides the one in which you were hired, then discontinued in.  (Do consider:  Have you been discontinued and/or terminated?  Are you non-tenured or tenured?)

The catch is, this is true for many and false for many BECAUSE it is still in the hands of the principal to create and pursue your nomination.  Should you decide to pursue another teaching position within the DOE, just tell the DOE Principal the truth about your situation…it sucks, we know, but you won’t be the first nor the last to have to reveal something you’d prefer not to or feel you shouldn’t have to.  At the end of the day it’s going to be up to the principal to push your paperwork through IF you have been discontinued.  As a discontinued teacher you are problem-coded (which I think should be ILLEGAL) and the DOE will rat you out sooner or later.  So don’t blindside the DOE Principal, just be upfront.

As for the letters you may or may not receive in the mail regarding your discontinuance:  What the DOE can DO is hire lawyers to word “discontinuance” and “termination” letters in such a way to keep you befuddled and save their rears from most lawsuits–at least somewhat.

They should call them Deterrence Letters OR Stall Letters because that’s what they are designed to do…deter you from asserting your labor rights and/or stall you from seeking proper counsel, provided that you are a good teacher that was wrongfully terminated by nincompoop(s) who no longer wanted you in their school because you advocated for students or protested unethical working conditions.  Of course the OPI or Office of Personnel Investigation ((not to be confused with the Office of Special Investigations)) will be more interested in investigating you, rather than the almighty DOE Principal.

What about the UFT?  You say.  Well what about it? I ask.  We need a stronger union that doesn’t think overturning less than 4% of U-Rating Appeal Hearings (or whatever they are calling them now) is acceptable.

What about the DOE’s OEO + Diversity Management Office, and so forth?  Well, can you please take your right hand and try to slap yourself?  Were you successful?  I hope not.  What this means is that the DOE seems rather hesitant to tell on itself.

Get serious.  Go to the real office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Filing an Article 78 is necessary in such situations where you disagree with a decision made by a NY City Agency, in this case, the NYC DOE.

I found this youtube video explained Article 78 in a nutshell.

You will also want to File a Notice of Claim if you intend to sue the city.

I wrote this ebook incorporating much more information.  There’s a handy checklist that you should use and follow.  Remember Alice in Wonderland?  Don’t be Alice following DOE Rabbit.  You will end up missing important deadlines that you will regret later on.  Assert your rights.

My go-to places for information is the and websites, as well.



  1. If a teacher is discontinued by the DOE, what follows that person when he pursues another teaching position in a non-DOE district? Does the DOE report the discontinuance to the non-DOE district or does the DOE only confirm the dates that the teacher worked for the DOE?


    1. The discontinuance will always remain on your record. For a while, the DOE denied this “red flag”. Nowadays, they do admit that the discontinuance is available on your record. The DOE does nor report the discontinuance to the non-DOE district. Upon my research and experience, they do not relay information about a discontinuance to a non-DOE entity. See here for further information:


      1. I did order my employment verification and “discontinued involuntarily” was issued on the sheet. So how can I get a document for licensure in another state without this?


  2. This is an excellent question. It is unlikely that you will be able to remove this term. Try to address the issue in any written portion of the application. I’ll post here again if here is any new information or way around this. Good luck.


  3. To answer any questions here: Yes you can work in a non-doe school. This includes private, parochial, charter (which might be your best bet) , and any public non-doe schools such as Long Island. There is also New Rochelle, Yonkers, Whiteplains, and Westchester which may not be all that far away from the five boroughs depending on where you live.

    Now….here is where the confusion lies…

    While it is improbable for the DOE to take away your “New York State teaching license.” They can and oftentimes do take away your DOE license (which is not synonymous with the New York State License). This happens for arbitrary or no reason at all. Don’t be surprised if you get discontinued with your colleague or other people and you find yourself getting your license revoked, but your colleague just gets a plain discontinuance. The DOE license is a license which allows one to teach specifically in the jurisdiction of the NYC DOE schools. In revoking your DOE license, the DOE is effectively preventing one from returning to the DOE.

    With just a plain discontinuance you can “theoretically teach in another district or borough, but in reality you are in no less a better position than the individual who got their DOE license taken. It is a six in one, half a dozen in the other scenario.

    The question that many people need to ask themselves is “do I really want to return to an organization that did this to me in the first place?”


    1. UFTsolidarity does not replay to e-mail to assist UFT members. They are a hardcore progressive PAC with a political agenda. The UFT itself is useless in protecting teachers. They allow teachers to be discontinued, problem coded, and even have their NYC DOE teaching license revoked. They allow the DOE to keep U ratings or ineffective ratings in a database long-term. They do not assist you when the DOE brings a teacher up on charges either.


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