From Arne Duncan to John King…What Gives?

So who’s at the helm now?  Betsy D?  LOL.

I wrote the following back when it was relevant…so how many changeovers have we had on a federal, state, and/or local level in the past 12 months?

And some people still “wonder” why the educational system is madness right now.

…so back when Obama was in office, I wrote, but did not publish the following….


Folks are pretty upset about John King’s latest ascent, and of course, Obama is to blame.

Why did Arne resign? Well, who cares. The position of Secretary of Education is becoming quite irrelevant as it seems more like a busy subway turnstile and just as consequential.

The people who remain, despite the “leadership” are the ones to watch more closely…

If we don’t want certain individuals to take top spots in our industry, then, we as educators need to position ourselves to take these rolls – I mean “roles”, I must be hungry.

People in power want to hold onto power as tightly as they can, this is expected, but those of us who wish to change must decidedly reach for the top with just as much tenacity.


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