Caucus Lane

So I’m no longer a Council Member of UFT Solidarity, but I came across this blog post from June 28, 2016 and I thought I’d post it now, almost 12 months later!  Lol.


I tell people all the time that I’m so busy working on other projects and devoting my time behind the scenes to other people’s success {flash forward:  I still do this, but now I’m respected and compensated for my time!},  that I rarely have time to toot my own horn or even work on personal projects.  Of course, this is changing.  I will continue to help others grow their businesses and organizations, but I will be setting aside more time for my projects {flash forward: truth!}.

Going forward I will try to use this platform, SpoiledTeacher, to communicate certain insights that others may not be privy to.   And I will use this platform to respond to and address certain commentary out there in the cyber world that needs to be addressed or corrected. And I will use this platform to express whatever it is that I feel like expressing in regards to education and  teaching.

So as I wear my UFT Solidarity Hat, as a UFT Solidarity Caucus Council Member, it has come to my attention that a fellow colleague, from another caucus, has a paradoxical concern.

And I have respect for this colleague because I respect people who disagree with me as much as those who do.  We are all in the fight to improve education in this country.

Ed Notes Online_ Whither MORE_ Can We Talk About So Many Things_ ICE Meeting Will Do Just That

The first thing I want to say is that you cannot be all things to all people. Whatever you are doing well with within your organization, is what you should stick to doing well with within your organization. Don’t dim the light on the fact that the core of your organization might for example be social justice issues. Stick with that. Respect the fact that another caucus has naturally come up because it meets the needs of a group of people that your organization doesn’t meet the needs of.

In the business world we call this healthy competition.  There is room for a Netflix, a Hulu, and a YouTube because these businesses know who they are and who they serve. And they stay in their lane so that they can become the drivers that they need to be for their audiences. Problems occur when these entities try to be greedy. Don’t be greedy. Just dig deeper into the heart of your organization and go as far as you can with that because as far as you can is really limitless.

Now.  There are certain situations where the enemy of your enemy becomes your friend. In those situations you set aside your differences and you form coalitions to be successful.  Don’t sit there wrecking your brain over numbers from an election that has 16 violations filed against it.  Especially when your organization had a hand in skewing the results, don’t try to make sense of it now.  Or do try, and waste your time.

Now. A lot of times I speak in ways that are coded and metaphorical and people don’t understand what I’m saying. at the same time I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence. So what I am saying in plain speak is I have been seeing the copycats that work in Unity Caucus, the establishment caucus.   And because some other caucus leaders are followers and not leaders, now that the Unity Caucus is mimicking actions of the UFT Solidarity Caucus now they want to do the same thing, too.  So at first our organization was tarred and feathered, but now after having experienced the illusion of victory, other caucuses want to analyze and claim for themselves some of that good-good.

But here is the problem. It’’s not authentic, it’s not real and the public, really the UFT members will see this and know this.

I’ve been saying for years that there is a silent war on teachers. The situation is complex but it’s not that complex because the root of the problem is money. Follow the money trail and you will find the Problem Paths.

As you eat your rice pudding remember to stay in your lane. It’ll be the best thing that you can do for the health of your caucus.  Don’t try to change what your base wants–be a reflection of it.

Instead of being disparaging, disgusting, and disrespectful to UFT Solidarity Caucus, a fellow caucus that is meeting the needs of teachers who are realizing that doing the right thing puts a target on their back or a red letter A on their chest, have some respect.


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